Different Uses of the Mezzanine Floor

The mezzanine floor is usually lofted between the floor and the roof of any buildings. From commercial warehouses, to hotel lobbies and residential units, mezzanine floors are used extensively and add a lot of value to the property.

The mezzanine factory mezzanine floors in Melbourne have varying uses depending on where it is constructed. At home, it can be used as a library, an office space or a cozy reading corner. At hotels it could be converted into a majestic art gallery or a ballroom while commercially, mezzanine floors in industrial warehouses and factories are key places for packaging, shelving, and inventory automation systems.

Here’s an overview of all the different ways mezzanine floors can be used

Home Office or Library: If you have a home with typically high ceilings and a spacious living room, you might want to add that extra space to your home by creating a mezzanine floor. Mezzanine floor at home can be used as a home based office or a library or even as a cozy recreational spot. Decorate your mezzanine with some rugs, bean bags and pastel colored furnishings to create a beautiful and comfy spot in your home. You can even take inspiration from the Mezzanine Home Office of the Hamptons designed by well-known interior designers to add the oomph factor to your home.

Hotel Art Gallery: Mezzanine floors in hotel lobbies are the best place to display spectacular pieces of art. Make your mezzanine floor a majestic walk through gallery by installing some statement art pieces, statues and abstract sculptures. You can even convert it into a proper art gallery and host exhibitions without disturbing the regular hotel routines.

Retail Store Outlook: Mezzanine floors chiefly play a very important role in retail outlets. Every time buyers enter a retail outlet, just by the look of the store, they are prompted to make decisions. Beautifully designed mezzanine floor, with proper lighting, strategically placed mannequins give retail outlets an inviting appeal. You can even create a mini café, cozy consultation space or added storage for your stock at the mezzanine floor.

Production, Manufacturing & Inventory Management: At a more commercial level, mezzanine floors can be constructed in factories or warehouses to provide an additional space that could cater to the packaging and management of inventory. You could install conveyer belts or packaging systems on mezzanine floor of a warehouse to conveniently manage your inventory without disturbing the rest of the warehouse.

Important Tips: While installing or getting a mezzanine floor constructed on your property be it a residential unit, a warehouse or a retail outlet, be mindful about fireproofing it and installing proper edge protection reinforcement to avoid any potential accidents. Also make sure the mezzanine is properly installed and fastened in place and be wary of the load it can handle. While installing the staircase to the mezzanine, consider the type of usage, particularly if you are thinking of moving heavy packaging up and down the floor using the stairs. It is better to use conveyor belt system or fork lifts to move about heavy items in a warehouse.