Top Design Trends in Home Flooring

Flooring plays a very important role in the interior of any home. Floor trends change just like clothing trends and interior design specialists pay keen interest in floorboards as they tend to change the feel of the entire room. From a time when simple wooden floors were it a thing, new laminate floors, printed tiles and strong colours have taken the interior design industry by storm.

A lot of new techniques have also been introduced to turn conventional floor boards into sophisticated pieces of art. There are tons of exclusive home flooring companies that cater to the needs of residential clients.

Here we have listed some of the top design trends in Home Flooring.

Naturally Aged or Distressed Flooring: Vintage never goes out of style, which is why the trend has also become quite popular for home flooring. Typically known as Distressed Flooring, the floorboards undergo an artificial aging and styling process to give them a worn outlook. The edges of the floorboards/tiles are scraped and the gloss is removed to give them a vintage look. This is best suited for homes where the interior is either vintage or rustic as it complements the overall theme. Interior designers project distressed flooring will become even more popular in the coming years.

Patterned Flooring: Horizontal or vertical arrangement of wooden floorboards is usually the method of placing floorboards. However, flooring could be decoratively rearranged in pretty patterns to give your home’s interior a wow factor. You can choose to basketweave all the tiles on your floor or you can add sections of patterns here and there in your house. This could be done with both, wooden floorboards or tiles. To add the effect, you could use in floor lights, or warm lighting around the house to accentuate your flooring.

 Richly Colored Fumed Wood Flooring:  While all sorts of flooring under goes some sort of staining; fuming is a technique which gives wood flooring super rich color. The process involves putting wooden boards in a chamber where they are treated with ammonia. A chemical reaction occurs between the wood and ammonia which leads to color change. This is almost like dyeing however, no artificial stains are used. While not all wooden boards may come out looking exactly the same, the richly colored boards look amazing once installed on the floor.

Bleached Wooden Floor: Not everyone is a fan of shiny brown floorboards and they don’t even go with all sorts of furnishings. If you want the interior of your house to have the Hamptons sort look where everything is kind of whitewashed, bleaching will do the job for you. A bleached wooden floor is created after applying several chemicals onto wooden boards to rid them of the wooden dye which is presently giving them an ash-white look while the natural wooden texture remains intact.

Monochrome is Always in Trend: You might think black and white tiles have gone out of style, but according to interior designers, the monochromatic tile trend has returned with a bank. A lot of home owners want monochromatic flooring with bold and colored patterns.