Double Bed With Storage: Maximising Space In Your Bedroom

While building a home, people always look to maximise their space. They choose furniture that is compact and can be used for storing things. There are multiple ways to arrange for space, even in the smallest rooms. All one needs to do is focus on its surroundings and make the best use of the space.

When looking to make use of space the most, ensure that no other things are suffering from it and you are comfortable with your new setting. Here are some general ideas that will help you maximise your bedroom space at the most efficiency.

Use The Floating Shelves Wisely

From keeping daily life things at your hand distance to being a bookworm, this floating shelf option works wonders. You can put anything here, from photos to books, anything that you might need or like in your bedroom. It saves a lot of space as it can replace the nightstand and dressers.

Ample Space In Bed Trunk

Having a bed trunk for storage is old-fashioned and goes way back. There are endless options for saving and making more space. This one never goes out of style. You can put your necessary item, even clothing, in the bed trunk, or you can use it to place items rarely used on occasion, like an expensive blanket or something you want to keep out of reach of children.

Try Keeping Similar Items Together

Arranging similar items together can help save space, especially when you can put your dresser inside your closet. Given your closet has enough space. It’s an art to make space while also having every essential thing.

Reducing Headboard And Bed Frame

Reducing the thickness of the headboard can really increase the room’s depth and has other benefits too. It decreases the frame of the bed and can give you enough space to install racks and floating shelves. This can help you keep items you may frequently require, like water bottles or chargers.

Wall Niche

Wall niche can provide you with space without having to install anything on the outside. The good thing about it is it does not require floor space which leaves you more options to choose from. You can have it made anywhere in the room where you don’t have to put anything on the wall. You may not be able to put the large item in it, but it can help you with smaller items like clocks, paintings, bottles, etc.


Making ample space in a small room with a double bed sounds tricky, but as you start the work, you can see the space in your room getting bigger. By the end of the process, you will have enough space. All it needs is a bit of creative thinking and help from an old friend who has experienced this before and will give you heads-up on what to do and what not to do. Every little space you can make is the key to having enough space in a small room with a double bed. You can shop for some amazing double beds at