Boho Home Decor: 11 Tips That Show You How To Pull It Off

It’s not something that has to live up to a standard to look beautiful. Boho stands for bohemian which represents care fee and unconventional lifestyle methods. This is one of the rare go-to choices to brighten up the colours of life, but it never fails to brighten up the mood and really makes you feel like you are at home, from having vibrant high energy to calm, peaceful environments.

If you are looking to give your home a brand new look with boho design, you have come to the right place; here are 11 bohemian decor ideas that will help you set the best boho look in your home.

Beautiful Random Texture

Boho style is all about accepting and including different kinds of textures to give a rich vibe to your home. From multicultural items to colourful wall art, anything of value can add to its beauty.

Have A Good Ground Base

It’s best to have a neutral ground colour for boho style as it will allow you to mix and match different colours on top of it and act as an underlay, which can also provide texture.

Be Colourful

It’s understandable if you were not into bright colours before with your old home setting, but once you have tasted the colourful bright colours, it’s something that will grow on you. You can also be creative with the lighting of your home to give it a radiant look.

A Mixture Of Patterns And Colours

If it’s monotonic, it’s not hobo style; Boho style is all about mixing different colours,  textures and geometrical design.    

Go Floral And Fauna

One of the boho traits is planting trees and vines to make your home look close to nature. Not only does it freshen up the environment, but it can also give your home a beautiful scent.


Multi-coloured geometric rugs are famous for bohemian-styled settings and are considered top designs for floors. It creates a sense of diversity and looks cultural. Persian and Cambodian ikat is prominent when you go for this type of texture.

Macrame Wall Hanging

Macrame wall hanging uses a knotting technique that is beautiful and warm to look at. Having those hanging on the wall not only looks homely but also serves the purpose of putting something in it.

Random Cultural Art

Adding different cultural items can really vibe up the room to different levels as it’s not only  fixated on one thing. Having a different item in your home not only vibes it up but also makes it eye-catching to be.

Floor Seating

Low-level seating arrangements always feel traditional and down to earth. Throw some pillow and a beautiful rug, and there you have it.

Sensual Smell

Scented candles, automatic candles, potpourri and incense sticks are sufficient to give your home a beautiful aroma, being the key signature of boho homes.

Gallery Wall 

Adding a gallery wall can spruce up the setting while making you feel nostalgic if any of those paintings were your own from a long time ago. Also, the boho style is all about diversity. Thus, adding paintings of different ideas, customs, or places can really tweak the look of your home.


With a little effort and thoughtful mind diving into your taste, you can really bring up your boho-style home to life. This style is great because it comes with minimal effort and looks the best. And while there’s no comparison between boho homes, each one of them is unique on its own.