Material Handling Trends Down Under: What’s Shaping the Industry in Australia

The world is changing and so, the old ways are coming to an end and the new ways are trending. The material handling equipment is also going through this change. Here are some trends that are shaping this industry in Australia.


There is a wave of automation in the material handling industry. The days of manually operating equipment for loading, unloading and storage are over. Efficiency is the top priority of every business that even remotely deals with material handling, so the path of automation seems the smoothest. Integration of automated material handling systems is a rising trend now. Rapid advancement in this area of technology has completely changed the way places like a warehouse function. The role of workers has also changed for the better.

With automated systems like Conveyor Belts, Automated Guided Vehicles, Cobots, and more, the material handling industry has seen rapid growth in productivity and efficiency. The sheer convenience of using these systems has also allowed workers to enhance their performance.


In this fast-paced world, the one who slows down is the one who gets left behind, so speed is of the utmost importance if you wish to be successful. Material handling is no different in this regard. The exponential growth seen in the e-commerce industry has made it a necessity for material handling to be a quick process for the satisfaction of the customers. Advanced equipment that speedily does the job is a requirement in today’s world, so material handling systems are being upgraded to reduce any downtime and work much faster.


There is so much competition in the market that mistakes cannot be tolerated. There is a need for accuracy in material handling so that the customers remain happy and the business doesn’t suffer a loss. Since palletizing and depalletizing are tricky tasks, there are higher chances of mistakes occurring in the process. This is why such material handling equipment is preferred which is stable, allows smooth operation and reduces human error. These features increase accuracy in this line of work.


In today’s world, distinctiveness is what everyone craves. So, naturally, they also prefer their products to be unique. They can be different from the rest due to their features or even their shape and size. This is why material handling needs to have flexibility in its processing. The equipment must be designed in a way that it can fit products of different sizes and easily transport and store them. This kind of flexibility allows such equipment to be used for a wide variety of material handling processes.


Sustainability has been the world’s goal for a long time but it has become the primary goal, especially in recent years. Considering the increase in global warming, various kinds of pollution, deforestation, loss of wildlife, and more, sustainable practices are needed now more than ever. So, the adoption of environment-friendly material handling practices is the trend.


We are in the digital age, where any and everything can be accomplished using digital devices and systems. So, material handling has also been transformed and brought to the digital world through software for the management of the inventory, or the entire warehouse, real-time monitoring, and more.

The Bottom Line

These are some trends that have taken the material handling industry by storm. So, if you wish to follow the trend then check out Efficient Material Handling Australia: AAL Store.