Panel Glide vs. Vertical Blinds

Window blinds have become an essential part of home decor. It is because they help in elevating the overall look of your space. You can also express your style with the help of these blinds. If you think about window blinds, then two common words will come to your mind, and they are panel glides & vertical panel blinds.

Although their purpose is quite similar, they still differ from each other on various notes. If you want to know about the factors that set the two types of blinds apart, then read on further.

Light Control

The primary purpose of blinds is to control the brightness in the room. So, if you are installing them mainly for this reason, then you should go for vertical blinds. You can completely control your room’s light as these blinds rotate 180 degrees through the stack panels. On the other hand, panel blinds are effective in providing complete privacy. If you want to block the light completely, then go with panel glide blinds. You can use these blinds as room dividers too.


Blinds come in various styles; their style is responsible for their application. If you have large windows or sliding doors, then panel glide is your pick. For smaller windows, vertical blinds are a suitable option. Panel glides are robust and have thick fabric. All these choices greatly depend on the structure and building of your home.

Temperature Control

Blinds are effective in controlling the temperature as they control the sunlight that comes inside the house. Vertical panel blinds are indeed effective in controlling brightness. However, panel glide blinds are effective in controlling the temperature because they have fewer blades. Due to this reason, less heat is transferred into the house.


Of course, taking the main cost into account is essential, but in the long run, maintenance cost is also the deciding factor on the things that you should buy. In terms of maintenance, you can repair vertical blinds easily. Thus, they cost you relatively less as compared to the panel glides, as maintaining and repairing them is a daunting task due to their size.


It all comes down to how much a thing costs. It is the best way to compare two things as you will know whether it is worth the cost or not. Clearly, vertical panel blinds are more affordable as compared to panel glides. This doesn’t mean that you get the best blinds in terms of quality. For quality, you will have to opt for panel glides, which might be expensive but definitely worth the money you spend.


So these are some of the factors that set both panel glide and vertical blinds apart from each other. To put it simply, panel glides are suitable for sliding or bi-fold doors, whereas vertical blinds are good for small windows. Moreover, to control the brightness in your space, you should opt for vertical blinds as they have blades.

On the other hand, panel glides are effective to have some privacy and control the temperature. If you are looking for blinds, then you can buy panel glide blinds online from here, just order your pick, and they will be delivered to your home.