Climate Control Shutters – Managing the Heat or Cold Weather

In most houses, usually the extreme heat or cold quickly passes through the windows making it up to 10 times the intensity of temperature that comes through any other passage. The sun produces short wave solar radiation rays that easily penetrate normal window glass and are absorbed by the space surfaces and then released again in the form of heat radiation making your house hot as hell. Climate shutters are a perfect solution to all such issues, not only do these look like a high-end décor item, they also prove as your perfect savoir from extreme temperatures. Here is how using shutters can control your home’s inside climate

A Shutter insulates your home in different ways:

Thanks to the slats that shutters have, by using a shutter you can stop many sun rays from penetrating your house. The shutter surface deflects up to 80% of the radiation that is produced and doesn’t let it comes inside. The additional insulation within the slats of shutters minimizes the rate of transferring and keeps your house protected from extreme temperatures.

Most of the air is squeezed between the glass and shutter creating a double glazed effect for the absorption of temperatures in both hot or cold conditions. Some heat travels to the back of the slats where the adjacent air cavity can be heated up, but doesn’t let the hot air penetrate inside your home.

Only a little amount of heat is caught in that can be transferred to the window glass from where it can be conducted into the interior of the building. Shutter slats also detect the ultraviolet / UV rays of the sun and prevent them from entering the window. A good roller shutter’s surface deflects up to 80% of the short-wave radiation produced. Additional insulation inside the slats (injected polyurethane or air pockets) minimizes the transference of longwave heat from radiation to the back of the slats, keeping your home’s temperature maintained.

Many Shutters Regulate Indoor Temperatures

Using good quality climate shutters will block the heat by up to 90 per cent and will stop the cold by up to 70 per cent keeping your homes hotter by 15 degrees in summer and colder by 15 degrees in winter.

So, these climate shutters can be called a perfect all-in-one option, which reduce the need for intermittent temperature regulation using heating and cooling systems. So, if you invest in roller shutters, you will be able to save significantly on power bills.

Shutters Prevent Windows Heat and Join Cold

All heat and cold easily pass through windows directly into most households. However, when fitted with roller shutters, your home becomes a much more comfortable place to live all year round against the blazing summer heat as well as the icy cold winter!

Shutters are excellent insulators that can control indoor temperatures and avoid windows from much of the heat and cold outside. We can say that these climate shutters are a perfect solution and climate control system with a climate change escalation in the coming years.