In-House or Outsourced Cleaning Services – Pro’s and Con’s

The debate of whether cleaners should be in house or should be outsourced has been going on for quite a bit now. If you have a business, you may have also pondered over this. Is it worth it? Will your needs be met? Isn’t it better to have someone all day? Is it too expensive? All these questions are those that people wonder and ponder over. Each has its pros and cons. Below we have decided to discuss these pros and cons to help you make a decision that will benefit your company and help settle this debate too.

One thing to clarify however is that whether you want to have in house cleaning services or outsourced ones, it depends upon the nature of the business and the operations of the company.  Consider JAN-PRO office cleaning if you are looking for cleaning services.

In house Cleaning Services:

Starting the debate with in house cleaning services, there are a few points one must keep in mind.

  • Scheduling

There is always a lot of flexibility in terms of when the cleaning is done. This means that you could have a room cleaned after all the employees have left. The way you schedule the cleaning depends upon you and your needs.

  • Security

From a security point of view, in house cleaning staff is safer as you know exactly who will be cleaning for you and you also know who comes in and out of the office. With an outsourced cleaning staff, you do not know which worker will be sent and cannot trust them blindly.

  • Safety training

The staff that you have in-house can be trained according to the safety protocols of the company and will know exactly what safety measures they need to take. They also can be trusted around specific equipment due to their familiarity with the place. For an outsourced staff, it is impossible to train them and make sure they follow safety protocols.

Outsourced Cleaning Service:

  • Cost Saving

This is one of the most significant advantages of choosing an outsourced cleaning service because they cost much less than an in-house cleaning staff. When you have in-house cleaning staff members, you will need to pay employment taxes, other misc. charges for the employees, workers compensations and more. If this service is outsourced, then the employer will be paying for all these charges – saving you up on the cost.

  • Budget

If for example you are having a budget issue and cannot afford the service, you can decrease the frequency of cleaning or can make a new contract with fewer hours. However, with in-house cleaning, the staff is being paid by you directly and you will need to fire them or take away their job to adjust budget cuts.

To settle this debate, it solely depends upon the type of company you have. If you have a bigger firm with a big office and require cleaning more frequently, having an in-house staff may be more beneficial for you. However, if you are a startup with limited finances, then an outsourced service may be the best choice.