How to streamline check-in processes

Guest check-in is an essential touchpoint between a guest and a hotel. It is the point when a guest experiences a property for the first time, so it is pivotal in forming his first impression. Therefore, if you own or run a hotel or any other accommodation, you should consider streamlining your check-in process through these simple ways:

Utilize the Pre-Arrival Stage for Upselling

At the check-in, your guests may want to use the opportunity to ask about amenities, additional services, and room upgrades. Their queries may revolve around anything – from massage options to something unexpected like Hp 3650 ink! While their interest in your business is a great thing for you, it is not the best idea to talk about your lucrative services at the check-in. The reasons behind this include that this could cause disappointment if the guests’ preferences are not available at the last minute. It could also make the process more hectic and time-consuming, which could increase the wait times for other guests while your front-desk staff may be busy attending to the guests at the desk.

You can solve this problem by utilizing the pre-arrival stage to lure your guests into buying amenities and features. You can tell them about all the options available when they are in the initial reservation process. This will ensure that they know all about the services before arriving at the check-in counter so that the staff can have a record of their preferences available, making the process quicker.

Utilize Better Technologies

Technology is one thing that can speed up your check-in process like nothing else. If you use the right PMS, your check-ins can be streamlined while ensuring that all the information about your guests is relevant, correct and updated.

You can achieve this objective by using a PMS that can have a centralized database system. It should save you from additional work and should be able to clean your data automatically by, for instance, eliminating duplicates. The system should also maintain a record of the previous stays of your guests along with the relevant information so that your front-desk staff doesn’t have to waste time in searching for the guest’s information when they are at check-in.

Consider Investing in Front-of-House Desk

With the availability of exciting new technology and tools, you can completely remove the front desk. Instead, you can place the mobile check-in kiosks. Then, you can just have officials to welcome your guests and to facilitate their stay. Interactive services provided by friendly, trained staff are not entirely replaceable but having mobile kiosks can make the process a lot simpler. The smart system will not only enhance the speed and customer satisfaction but also make the job simpler for your check-in staff, enabling them to focus on other aspects of the job and provide your guests with better services.

These steps can streamline your check-in process and make it a lot smoother and efficient.