How To Set Up A Function Area In Your Hotel With Little To No Cost

When you own a hotel, finances can get a little out of hand. This is why you may have to set up a few essentials on a budget. A function room is a room where different events such as birthday parties, ceremonies and office conferences may take place. It is essential for a good hotel to have one, so they can meet the needs of their customers that stay within the hotel. It is most likely that people who stay within the hotel will use the function room present within the hotel to hold an event instead of outsourcing it to another location. If the hotel does not have a function room, they may lose out on some key revenue.

Setting up a function room can be a difficult and expensive task as it is a room where events will take place, the aesthetics of the place really matter. The colour scheme you choose for the room, the type of flooring you choose, the curtains that you will choose, all will determine the type of events that can be held in the function room. If for instance, you choose neon pink for the walls, corporate organizations might not want to hold their conferences there, while if you pick floral curtains and floral wallpaper, many children will refuse to hold their birthday parties there. This is why when setting up a function room, you need to keep these key things in mind.

A few tips and tricks that may save you money while setting up a function room are mentioned below or you can take advantage of corporate function hire services.

  1. Choose A Contractor That Built The Hotel

It is always wise to choose the same contractor to build the function area that you have used to build the actual hotel. This is because they have built the hotel so they know the weaknesses and strengths of the structure. They also know where all the wiring is, what material to use, how to use it and the specifics of the hotel. They will also know your preferences and will work according to your style. If you choose to go with someone new, there is always a risk of things going wrong which may lead to extra damages. Hence, ultimately increasing your costs.

  • Convert An Already Built Room

I will be wise to convert an already built room into a function area. This will save most of the budget and will cost you much less than building a room from scratch. You could use the old dining hall or waiting room and renovate them into a function hall. There will be minimal changes that you will need to get done as the structure of the room will already be built.

  • Paint

To refresh a room and make it look much better, it is always best to paint it. This will be much cheaper than putting up wallpaper and other fancy alternatives. Using paint is cheap and reliable too. It will freshen up your room and make it look more expensive and classy.