Decorate Now, Pay Later: How to Spice Up the Living Room on a Budget

The living room is the face of a person’s house. It is what gives first impressions that last, and it sets the mood and feel of an entire day in the household. Living rooms are also the most overused spaces in a home because you can eat, sleep, work and entertain in it all at the same time. It is important to maintain the living room in top shape by constantly remodelling the room for more functional and modern tastes. Renovations and repairs are ideal but are expensive, but another way of going about it is by changing and reorganizing living room furniture.

Payday Deals, Australia’s top choice in online shopping, has quality furniture items that come with various payment options. The company understands the urgent need to create a beautiful living area that functions well, which is why items on the site are also available through Afterpay and zipPay. These are online shopping solutions that let customers buy products now and pay for them later at 0% interest. Achieving the living room peg on Pinterest is just a tap away.

True to being advocates of practicality, here are some of the top pieces that can truly transform a home from drab to fab—without having to wait for payday!



Usually, as accent pieces to a sofa, lounge chairs do not have to identically match a sofa or sectional. As focal points, it is very important to consider texture, colour and style to complement other furniture without being too identical.

Living Room Chairs

Basic chairs can be used for dining, against a desk for a home office or as extra accommodation for bigger gatherings. These are all equipped with standard prescribed measurements and can go from industrial to ornate, depending on the room style.

Lounge Chairs

Also dubbed as the dad chair, lounge chairs are for those who intend to use the living room as a space to escape from the stress of a household. Indulge in recliners or in chair and footrest sets that make you kick back, relax and doze off.


Sofas are the foundation pieces of any living room design. The best way is to get a neutral colour that is easy to play around with and start building the design of the room from there. Consider the space and choose from the many ergonomic options available.


Coffee Tables

It doesn’t matter if you prefer tea—coffee tables are essential pieces that bring a living room set together. Consider the height of the table along with the sofa height and ensure you have enough breathing space. Explore materials like glass and metals for a modern twist.

Living Room Tables

Use end tables and accent tables to create a grid in the living room. Take the opportunity to add accents like lamps, trays and vases. Other common items like magazines, keys and mail can also be placed here.

Storage and More

Coat Hangers

Coat hangers are multifunctional pieces that can hold your outerwear and decors at the same time. Choose from a stand-type or a full rack that can store shoes and umbrellas.


Efficient storage is also needed in living rooms, especially when there are a lot of people in the household. Keep clutter away from sight in a snap by stuffing them all in space-saving cupboards that are compatible with most configurations.

Room Dividers

Make a big space more hardworking by adding a divider to separate the living room with a smaller dining area or mini-study. It adds a layer of privacy without eating up space.


Shelves are perfect for books, memorabilia and little pieces of art. Multifunctional tables with built-in shelves save space but increase functionality.

TV Cabinets

Gather the entire family to watch the big game as often as needed. A good TV is expensive, but a good TV cabinet is not, thanks to Payday Deals. The living room furniture ideas based on real needs by real people. As the cheapest option for safe, ergonomic living room furniture, online shopping for furniture is now easier and faster.


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