What happened when I Tried a Popular Home teeth Whitening Systems

Gogo Smile Teeth Whitening Kit is one of the most popular Home teeth whitening systems in the world. This kit is designed to make people have confidence and look especially on their teeth. It makes people obtain white teeth at the comfort of their home without visiting a dentist. Special prescription and care from a medical professional are also not required because there is a provision of step by step guide. Therefore it is highly recommended to have this kit for your teeth whitening. Its performance in making your teeth look clean is unparalleled. The objective of this kit is to provide a long-lasting solution and safe impact on its users, especially on their prices. Gogo smile provides affordable price, safety standards, and professional products at dentist level.

Gogo Smile Company got its legal recognition in 2005. Since then its service is outstanding. It focuses on quality and their aim is to meet the demands of their clients. It offers a 30-day warranty policy where money is refunded when its client finds their product questionable. This kit has all ingredients required to make your teeth white. The producer utilizes certified formulas that are employed by dentists globally. The ingredients used to make are efficient, harmless and effective. Its major component in the ingredient is six per cent of hydrogen peroxide. The latter is always employed by a dentist in making teeth look white. The good thing is that you can save your money by not going to the dentist but to handle teeth related issues while at home.

The kit comes with the following:

• Step by step guide(pamphlet) to offer direction on how to use it
• Paper shade guide
• 4 x teeth whitening gel
• 1 x 4ml desensitization gel
• 1 x 5 Led teeth whitening
• 3 x customizable heat and form trays

Point to note is that maybe at the beginning you will find it not comfortable to have two retainers in your mouth simultaneously by having LED accelerator but in due course, you will adjust. Also forming of mouth trays is an easy thing to do. You will have to read instructions keenly on the pamphlet so that you can understand the usage. You will be required to boil water and then transfer it to a pot and dip every tray in for few seconds and mould them in your teeth. You will apply toothpaste and later on apply GOGO Smile White teeth for treatment for around 15 minutes. You will automatically see the difference probably after two days.


• It offers noticeable white teeth look after short time usage
• Step by step guide manual makes it easy to use without visiting a dentist. The instructions are easy to follow
• It is easy to wash
• It is cost effective in nature as one does not need to visit a medical professional for teeth related issues.
• The kit has 30-day warranty policy money refund when the product fails to meet customer’s demands
• There is the availability of after pay services
• Desensitization Gel works and its taste is nice


• The instructions seem shallow. They are not comprehensive. They do not indicate the number of days to utilize the product may be in a week.
• Its weird to have LED plus two retainers simultaneously.

In conclusion, Gogo Smile Teeth Whitening kit is what you need to solve teeth related issues at the comfort of your home.


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